At Ant Dynamics we understand that detailed planning enhances the safety and efficiency of lifting operations.

Planning is best carried out by competent lifting specialists who have the experience, knowledge, and skills to develop lifting solutions.

Our competent lifting specialists will endeavor to find cost effective solutions that will ensure the safety of those involved in carrying out the lifting operations.

If you encounter a complex lifting operation on your job site and need the support of a competent lifting specialist, you may contact Ant Dynamics for assistance.

At Ant Dynamics we ensure our lifting solutions are:


• Accurate:We provide accurate lifting plans because we use software that automate our calculations, hence reducing the likelihood of human error.

• Optimized:As an independent firm we endeavor to objectively select the right crane for a job.

• Clear:Upon client’s request we can deliver drawings of our lifting plans in 3D in order to integrate them with other 3D models and Navisworks. This will surely improve communication within different disciplines of a project.

• Efficient:Since we mainly work on 3D drawings, we promptly deliver our designs because we do not need to redraw the same objects in different 2D views.