Founded in 2020, Ant Dynamics provides professional engineering solutions in the heavy lifts sector. Ant Dynamics is also the exclusive agent of CRANIMAX in the Middle East and North Africa.


We believe the best lifting operations are the most efficient ones or the most challenging ones, but not the heaviest ones. We are also amazed by the fact that the mighty ants can carry over 50 times their own weight!


As a company that prides itself in finding optimized lifting solutions, we found it fitting to pay tribute to these efficient species by naming our company after them.


After all, didn’t we learn a few construction lessons by observing them?

Multi-Crane Lift of a Jacket


Based in Qatar, Ant Dynamics provides engineering services in the Heavy Lifting and Heavy Transportation sector. We are licensed under the Qatar Financial Centre.


Our team consists of experienced and highly qualified engineers, who are certified by LEEA as Appointed Persons for Lifting Operations. Our engineers have a track record of providing professional lifting solutions that exceed customer’s expectations.


We use the latest tools and software to develop clear lifting plans that can be easily followed by the customers.


We also assist our clients with calculations related to lifting operations such as ground bearing pressures applied by the cranes during any lift, forces on lifting accessories, wind forces etc.


About Kamal Kassab

• Managing Director and Founder of Ant Dynamics
• Exclusive Agent of CRANIMAX, MENA
• LEEA certified Appointed Person for Lifting Operations


Kamal Kassab holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the American University of Beirut (2001).
He has over 18 years of experience in the Heavy Lifts sector in the construction of oil & gas plants, heavy civil works, as well as football stadiums.
In 2020, Kamal Kassab founded Ant Dynamics, to provide specialized and professional engineering solutions in the heavy lifts sector.


To enable contractors to use the tools available to plan and execute safe and economical lifting operations.


To provide contractors with the best quality lifting plans that will lead to safe and professional lifting operations.

Long-Reach Lift inside a Stadium for the FIFA World Cup 2022



The purpose of what we do is to ensure the safety of the riggers, the crane operators, and everyone else involved in lifting operations.


We ensure that our deliverables are of the highest quality and exceed customer’s expectations.


We seek long-term business collaboration with our customers and partners built on mutual trust and benefit.


We invest in software to provide our customers with quality lifting plans that lead to safe and professional lifting operations.